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Leadership on Supportive Policies and Strategies at Regional Level

All governments have a responsibility to develop robust and effective evidence-based policies for economic growth and food security. But good data on which to base policy is seldom available.

Although all East African Community (EAC) Member States have policies on agricultural development, food security, and nutrition, they have a number of weaknesses. Kilimo Trust commissioned a number of strategic studies and organised high level regional meetings and discussions to strengthen well-designed food security policy and strategy for the region.

1. EAC's Common Strategy for Food Security in the EAC:

In 2009, Kilimo Trust commissioned a study to assess and understand the capacity of the Member States to meet food security objectives and to act as a guide for implementing a regional food security plan. The study produced a long-range blueprint for enhancing food security and deepening the economic benefits accruing to producers and others involved in the supply of food staples in the EAC.

It recommended that food security could be achieved through a regional approach driven by trade and production systems that exploit comparative advantages of the different agro-ecologies in the region. The study also highlighted the need for accelerated development of regional value chains in staple food products supported by agri-business, agro-industries, and adequate 'last mile' infrastructure. EPA Experts meeting, communiqué 9th extra ordinary

Then, Kilimo Trust facilitated the 2-day round-table meeting (co-financed by the Association of European Parliamentarians with Africa - AWEPA) that brought together food security experts and relevant policy-makers to discuss the study findings. The recommended policy framework was discussed and adopted by the EALA during their meeting in Kampala in 2010.

Then the Trust supported the EAC Secretariat in developing a common strategy for Food Security. The outcome was the Food Security Action Plan, adopted by the Summit Meeting of Heads of State of the EAC Partner States. ESRF

2. Agro-industries and 'last mile infrastructure' Needs for enhancing EAC regional trade-based food security on small flash under workshop proceedings

In 2009 a study co-financed (with FAO) was undertaken to enhance EAC regional trade-based food security and to evaluate gaps in the policies and strategies for infrastructure that support regional value chains for staple food products. The Trust organized a high-level roundtable attended delegates from over 10 countries to discuss and make recommendations on strategies and good practices for maximising benefits and investments in market-oriented agricultural infrastructure, with particular priority for 'last-mile' infrastructure.

A report identified opportunities for agro-industry development for food security in the East African Community region. Only 28% of agricultural produce is processed and much of this is primary processing. on small flash under publications

A roundtable dialogue of Directors endorsed the 'East Africa Agro-industries and Agro-enterprises Development Program' (E3ADP) to accelerate agri-industry development, getting markets and trade right, making existing and planned infrastructure effective, getting the right policy framework, and attracting finance and investment. workshop reports - LMI

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