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Leadership on Supportive Policies and Strategies at Regional Level

Strategic studies commissions by Kilimo Trust include:

1. A study to scope the livestock product value chains in East Africa which showed that, while this is an expanding and important market for smallholders, there were barriers to increasing international trade and so farmers and agri-business should concentrate on East Africa's national and regional markets. I have sent it today separate

2. In Kenya we examined the dairy value chain in Central Kenya; the challenges faced by farmers, traders, processors, and government agencies; and the investment needed to promote growth and competitiveness in this lucrative rural industry. Recommendations included forming and strengthening producers groups to improve farmer effectiveness as centres for milk marketing and providing comprehensive support services in partnership with service providers. 11

3. Critical evidence for negotiating the Framework Economic Partnership Agreement between EAC and the EU: In 2008, Kilimo Trust provided a grant to support the efforts of the EAC towards enhancing their negotiating capacity. They funded a study to provide critical evidence-based analysis relating to the concerns raised for the agriculture sector. This included a review of the opportunities arising from the FEPA; the positive and negative effects of EAC liberalisation; the regional competition experienced from the EU for EAC exporters to COMESA and SADC markets and the impacts of the interim Economic Partnership Agreements (IEPAs); and the general impact of European agricultural subsidies on EAC exports. The study proposed several flanking measures to support the 'soft' and 'hard' investments needed to allow stakeholders to respond to the opportunities and challenges of the FEPA. It also formed an input into the preparations that EAC Member States made for the final round of negotiations on how agriculture would be dealt with in the FEPA. It resulted in a joint EAC-EC Ministerial Meeting that was preceded by a joint EAC-EC Senior Officials Meeting. Kilimo Trust participated in these meetings. One key output of the study was to inform the further discussions on the draft agriculture chapter in general and, in particular, the list of products to be inserted in the Article on Export Subsidies and Domestic Support. ODI it is part of the zip I sent this afternoon.

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