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KT-STAT is a database that gives raw data on different aspects of agriculture. The data is organized by country and criteria. The countries covered are Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The following is an outline of some of the data sets available along criteria. 

Copyright Policy: It is the policy of Kilimo Trust to share information for free. However, fair use is encouraged. Reports resulting from the analysis of the data in this database should be acknowledged.

Criterion 1: Reduction of hunger and poverty

1.1 Food Security
1.1.1 Percentage of the population of EAC considering the commodity as primary staple
1.1.2 Extent of trade in the commodity including imports into the region 
1.1.3 Perishability index: the ease with which the foods from the commodity can be stored for long and/or be transported long distances with minimal processing 
1.1.4 Consumption trends against changing dietary preferences 
1.1.5 Production trends of the commodity

1.2 Nutritional security (Reduction of Mal-nutrition)
1.2.1 The number of main products that can potentially be got from the commodity – and the size and value of the end-markets for those products at local, regional and global levels

1.3 Income security (contribution to income generation, wealth creation and economic growth)
1.3.3 Number of people employed at each component of the value chain 
1.3.2 Gross margins (current and potential) for each stage of the various levels of value chain 
1.3.3 Number of people employed at each component of the value chain
1.3.4 The current level of commercialization in the commodity sub-sector

Criterion 2: Importance of the commodity with respect to MDG 7 (ensure environmental sustainability

2.1 Number of agro-ecological zones in which the commodity can do well with standard technology
2.2 Size of land characterized as suitable for production of the commodity
2.3 Negative contribution of the commodity to the environment along the chain

Criterion 3: Likelihood of attracting critical mass of value chain actors

3.1 Commercial attractiveness
3.1.1 Extent to which smallholder production can be commercialized
3.1.2 Stability of commodity markets and production

Criterion 4: Constraints facing the value chain

Criterion 5: Policy and strategic priorities of government and relevant donors with respect to the commodity

5.1 Economic importance in the country
5.1.1 Position of the country globally in the production and marketing of the commodity
5.1.2 Number of country initiatives for the commodity
5.1.3 Quality of institutional frameworks that have been put in place by the government for promoting production and enhancing markets
5.2.1 Position of commodity in policy and strategic priorities at national and regional levels
5.2.2 Prioritisation and planned interventions by donors 

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