Regional East African Community Trade in Staples

Graduating Smallholders to "Farming as a Business" through Inclusive Regional Food Markets.

Funder: IFAD
Status: Ongoing

Kilimo Trust is implementing a grant project from IFAD titled Regional East African Community Trade in Staples (REACTS). REACTS is working with the IFAD-financed agricultural development projects, in the EAC region, to accelerate incomes and wealth creation by smallholder (women, men and youth) producers of food commodities Read More...

Our Team

Fiona Lukwago

Fiona Lukwago is the program team leader for REACTS since 2014. She is a Food Trade and Agribusiness specialist at Kilimo Trust since 2011, She is responsible for providing leadership in all aspects related to i) Market access and development ii) value addition and processing and iii) Postharvest handling. Fiona has an MBA in Food and Agribusiness from the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, UK, which she partly did in Wageningen University in the Netherlands. She has a Bachelors degree in Food Science and Technology, from Makerere University.

Patrick Muganga

Patrick Muganga has been with Kilimo Trust since 2011. He is a Programme Officer under Regional East Africa Community Trade in Staples (REACTS) project. Professionally, he holds a Master’s degree in in Food Science and Technology and Bachelors in the same field from Makerere University. In addition, he is a certified financial literacy trainer, business linkages technical advisor and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) practitioner. Having worked in different capacities at the Trust, Patrick possess vast experience in implementing market led agricultural development projects.Most notable, is the Development of Inclusive Markets and Trade (DIMAT) Project implemented in Uganda and funded by UNDP. In addition, Patrick commands a good understanding of agricultural sector/systems in EAC region, having been involved in (1) sub-sector analysis for more than 5 value chains in Uganda, (2) Two value chain studies in East Africa, (3) scooping of 9 strategic commodities in EAC region and (4) analysed the status of agro-industries in the EAC region, including development of the EAC Agro-industry strategy.

Andrew Gashaija

Andrew GASHAYIJA Andrew is a specialist in food and industrial microbiology, with interests in food processing and preservation, food industry management and marketing and has been with Kilimo Trust since 2011. Currently in Kilimo Trust, Andrew is responsible for postharvest handling, value addition and market access and translation of materials from English to French and vice versa and has contributed to the team in selection and ranking of strategic food commodities in the EAC Region, supervision in agricultural surveys has experience in data entry and analysis. Before joining Kilimo Trust, Andrew worked for JICA, as a technical assistant and translator, and Rwanda’s TRAC Plus as a supervisor. Andrew has a BSC in applied microbiology and currently pursuing a Master of food science and nutrition