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Who we are

Kilimo Trust (KT) is a not-for-profit organization working on agriculture for development across the East Africa community – in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi. Kilimo Trust has increasingly become the go to partner for market-led agricultural value chain development in the region. We seek to be an implementing partner of choice for EAC governments, the private sector, regional and international development partners. KT is registered in the Republic of Uganda as a fully-fledged Trust with subsidiaries in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Our vision is to see “sustained and equitable wealth creation, food and nutrition security for smallholder farmers and other VC actors”. The mission is to make agri-business a transformative tool for wealth creation, food and nutrition security for smallholder farmers and other VC actors.

As evidenced by our core values, we believe in partnerships and in delivering value for money. We therefore seek partnerships that benefit from synergies and our expertise. We design our interventions in an integrated way so as to reach and effectively serve as many smallholder farmers and other value chain actors as possible for each dollar spent.

Our core business is to structure national and regional trade in agricultural products for enhanced wealth, food and nutrition security for smallholder farmers and other VC actors

Please click here for details of who we are – Kilimo Trust Capability statement

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Our Skills, Work and Experience

The organization has an experienced Board of Trustees with a private sector orientation—which provides strategic and enterprising leadership and is responsible for governance. The senior leadership has expertise in key areas that drive agricultural transformation and value chain development. Our historical experience with grant-management has enabled Kilimo Trust to develop robust financial management systems with transparent and accountable processes.

KT has implemented over 65 projects since 2005 using private sector–led and value chain development approach within the agricultural sector. Rooted in private and public sector-based partnerships, KT empowers smallholder farmers and other value chain actors to work together to solve their problems, and act cohesively to improve competitiveness in food markets. Over this period, KT has:

  • Fostered inclusive and sustainable private-private partnerships using the Kilimo Trust Consortium Approach to Value Chain Development (KT-CA2VCD)
  • Built capacity of actors to trade along the value chain
  • Led and supported development of policies and strategies for agriculture development at the national and regional level
  • Undertaken high level analysis & mapping of food value chains across the EAC, and Managed grants.

Please click here for summary of previous projects we have implemented – Kilimo Trust Project Catalog

If You Are Looking For Information on trade in EAC, UZA App by Kilimo Trust Can be of help.

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Our History

We began in 2005 as an organization funding agricultural research focused on technical innovations...Readmore

Our Priorities

We believe that market access is critical in igniting an agricultural transformation; which requires that farmers exit from subsistence... Read more


Kilimo Trust Head Quarters
Plot 42 Princess Anne Drive, Bugolobi, Kampala Uganda
Telephone: +256 392 264 980/1/2
Email: admin@kilimotrust.org